Physician’s Assistant Salary Ranges

Being a physician’s assistant (PA) can be a very rewarding career choice. It takes a certain kind of person to work as a physician’s assistant. They need to be good with people, even tempered, caring, and able to make decisions under pressure.

If a person is thinking of pursuing a PA program they will want to know a physician’s assistant salary range and employment opportunities. The top PAs with experience can earn upward of $100,000. Annual income can range from $40,000 to over $100,000 depending on location of the position. So the salary for the middle 50% of PAs falls somewhere in the $60,000-$80,000′s range.

Even though salary is important so are the job opportunities and projected growth of the field. Published data indicates that this field is going to grow somewhere around 25% in the next 8-10 years. That means a lot more jobs and opportunities. Salary can be impacted by the part of the country they live in but generally the higher the cost of living the higher the salary and the lower the cost of living the lower the income range.

Job opportunities for physician’s assistants should continue to grow in more rural areas and inner city areas where they have a tremendous need. Different parts of the country allow PAs to write prescriptions and give them more responsibilities and in those areas the work should grow at a very steady pace.

A physician’s assistant salary on average is a good one but the work is hard and the hours can be long. The more experienced a PA becomes the more in demand and therefore they will earn more money. Doctors have long been aware that having a good PA on staff can help the hospital or practice see more patients and that is good for the profit margin.

A PA’s pay will increase with experience and may hit the 6 figure mark if they work hard and do well. Even the starting physician’s assistant salary is in the low to mid $40,000′s on average, is a pretty good starting salary and with good growth projected in this field the sky is the limit as the health care industry continues to grow and flourish.

Ref: Louis Zhang, Certphysicianassistant dot com